Monday, December 14, 2009

Five Feet By: Orlando Quintin Jones

Bring me down
Down to your level of low
Youre sick
Youre vile presence makes my insides curl
I will not give in
Kindness is the enemy
Ill be rid of you someday
Then Ill never be forced to be nice again
Fakeness pollutes my face into a twisted smile
Youll never know how I feel
Youd never care
Selfish wreck, you think Im a joke
Sexist, racist, unintelligent and vile
Your best qualities
Invading my space, five feet I said
But youd never listen
Your presence pains me
Leave my sight
But you never listen
Ill walk away
Lock myself away
To be rid of your vile presence
I condemn myself to a life of solitude
Im in my room
Behind locked doors
And the best part isYour not here.
five feet

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