Friday, December 11, 2009

Too late to turn back :prt 2 __BY:Orlando Quintin Jones

Too late to turn back :prt 2 BY: ME
The sweet sent of sex now filling the room
Swet begging’s to run down your body and mine
You place your hand on my firm torso
You reach up slowly as if you were gasping for air
More you cry, more!
I proceed to deliver
Too late to turn back
I slowly pick you up as if you were weightless
Me still in side
Your insides now clenching my front ever so tight
Holding your body firm
I slowly start to move you up and down
The look on your face says it all ,how does he know what I like?
Faster! Faster! you belt loudly as your eyes begin to roll back
With no hesitation I obey my queens commands
You feel nothing now but me hitting that spot you thought know man could
Tears of joy run down your face
Yes yes!, Just like that you begin to vociferate loudly
As if your body were num your arms fall slowly
I feel your body shaking on mine
Have I done it so soon?
I feel a warm liquid trickle down my leg
I proceed to lay you on the bed
Your eyes now closed
suddenly they open
I’m not finished with you yet!
I smile, I can see the desire in your eyes
You proceed to take control pulling me onto the bed
With me on my back you jump over top of me
You sit down slowly
Your now so sensitive, you feel every move
You begin to grind on me
You love the feeling knowing you are now on top in "control"
I look up at you with a smirk, that all you got? I ask
This does only what I wanted you to do
You begin to move faster
Trying to please your king as he has done for you
The sexy motion of your body makes me stiffer than I have ever been
You feel this inside you
Your moans are like the best music to my ears
You look down at me while biting your bottom lip
You like that? you ask me with nothing but confidence
I answer ...I love it
I now feel as though I am coming to my climax
So I lift you off me and place you on your stomach
You rise now on your knees and your hands
I approach behind you holding my self
I put it in slow again you feel me in your stomach
I begin to speed up the process
You begin to grab the sheets your shouts and moans get louder
Faster and faster I went
Swet now poring off my body
I’m going to cum! you yelled
A look of confusion now on my face I don’t stop
I’m going to cum too I said softly
I continue to stroke your wetness as fast as I can
All at once
We both yelled I’m Cuming!
In seconds the best feeling relieved my body and yours
I laid there in my own mess
My queen proceeded to clean it
She now laid on my chest
My mescaline arms around her
I love you I said
Too late to turn back now
I love you too baby!

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