Friday, December 11, 2009

TOO LATE TO TURN BACK __BY:Orlando Quintin Jones

The sent of clashing fragrances
The feeling of my lips moving slowly down your neck
You try to guess my next move
You lay there stiff of excitement
Too late to turn back
My smooth hands gently caressing your body
Your nipples so hard between my finger tips
The nicest feeling runs down your spine causing your toes to curl with joy
Your now blind with frustration, why wont he just put it in
I reach down slowly between your legs there’s a warm wet feeling
I proceed to rub it gently
You try to bare it
The feeling is too much
You start to moan softly
You reach down slow
You weren’t expecting what you felt
You start to think can I do this
Too late too turn back now
You proceed to take it out
You gently start rubbing up and down
The idea in your head “I run this”
Now I start to take control
Too late to turn back
I lay you gently on your back
Still kissing your body all over
I slowly attempt to put it in
Your eyes close ,you bite your lips
This does nothing but turn me on
You feel my head break you
You give a lowed but sexy moan
A little pain
Too late to turn back now
Slowly I start to stroke your insides
Your liquids all over my front
You have never felt a feeling like this before in your life
You can feel me in your stomach
We both start to get into it
Too late to turn back ……………..

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